Donde hay fe

So I was on my way home from language school today and I got on the number 7 ruta. Oh how I hate las rutas, but anyways, I was lucky enough to snag a seat in the very front seat right behind the driver. The front of this bus had many many interesting things hanging from the ceiling and adorning the rearview mirrors. Probably about 50 stuffed animals were dangling from the ceiling, and it was a smorgasbord of many characters. There were your generic circus and zoo animals and there were also many characters ranging from Snoopy to Tony the Tiger and my personal favorite Hello Kitty. I was so distracted by all these animals at first that I didn’t even notice the piece of paper that was hanging right in front of my face. It said “Donde hay fe hay amor. Donde hay amor hay paz. Donde hay paz está Dios y donde está Dios no falta nada.”  Which translated (by me, which means it is possible that this is wrong.) says “Where there is faith there is love. Where there is love there is peace. Where there is peace there is God and where there is God nothing is missing.” As much as I hate La Ruta this little sign really brightened my day and I know have a new-found hope and faith that the rutas won’t always be horrible.

On a side note, here is a picture of the first thing I see every morning when I walk out of my house:



One thought on “Donde hay fe

  1. Hi Megan!
    Joan sent the information on your blog to me. I want to keep up on your adventure and how you are doing. What a journey! I am excited for you and, so far, so good!
    You haven’t gotten sick yet and you are managing the food!! And the bus! and directions!! That’s great!!
    Know that I am thinking of you and want to hear all about what you are doing!!
    Take Care,

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